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Cantilever Racking

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Sperrins Cantilever Racking System

Sperrin cantilever racking is suitable for the storage of long products (popular for timber racking) and is a robust design to cope with arduous environments.  Cantilever racking also know as bar racks can be used indoors (painted) or outdoors (galvanised).  Sperrins Cantilever Racking System can incorporate a canopy roof or complete roof structures.

Cantilever Racking Features

  • Rounded ends on arms and bases to protect goods, fork trucks and pedestrians
  • Unique clip arm requires no tools or bolts for adjusting arms
  • Arms adjustable at 100mm pitches
  • Arms move upwards and sideways eliminating damage to columns if struck accidentially
  • All components powder coated paint for tough durable finish or galvanised for outdoor use.

Cantilever Racking common storage uses

  • Timber packs
  • Concrete
  • Panels
  • Scrap Vehicles

Here at Sperrin Metal we can manufacture Cantilever Racking designs to your storage requirements.