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Electronic Lockers

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Electronic Lockers from Sperrin Metal

Electronic Lockers

Electronic Lockers

Sperrin Metal offer a complete range of Electronic Lockers or 'e-lockers' made bespoke to your exact requirements. We manufacture in-house to ensure that we can offer you cost efficient lockers made to the highest quality.

We continually invest in research and development so that our products can be designed and fitted with the most secure locks on the market. Our range currently includes:

We understand that the cost of changing locks can be expensive.  This is why we ask the customer to take a long term look at the savings that upgrading to a more secure lock can actually benefit the customer.

Upgrading to Electronic Lockers

Maintenance of traditional lockers can become expensive year on year with locking mechanisms and keys being replaced on a regular basis. Security of traditional lockers has also been coming into question with the possibility of locks being picked.

Remove any security doubts your users may have and reduce your maintenance costs by upgrading your lockers to Electronic Lockers. This can be done by keeping to locker body and replacing the locker door. It is necessary to replace the locker door as the locks are installed internally which of course means that potential thieves cannot access the locking mechanism.

Electronic Lockers in Dubai

Sperrin Metal completed the fit out of a bespoke locker contract at the School of Research in Dubai. Over 3500 locker compartments were supplied with an electronic locking system which amalgamated the student ID card and credit card. For images of the Dubai e locker project click here.

Electronic Lockers – A Source of Income

Sperrin provide a range that can be used to generate a source of income. For example, the Sperrin Paypoint Locker has a user adjustable price setting. This means that the user may only use the locker once the correct amount has been deposited.

Our Mobile Phone Charging Locker also offers an excellent source of income. With this particular locker users pay for the service of having their mobile phone charged in a secure locker while they continue with their daily business.

Free Consultancy

If you would like to know more about any of our Products or to further discuss the benefits of upgrading to electronic lockers please contact Ann, our dedicated locks specialist on 028 796 28362 or E: to arrange a free consultation.