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3 Security Features of Electronic Lockers

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The Top 3 Security Features That Have Helped Electronic Lockers Grow In Popularity

Demand for Electronic Lockers is increasing year on year with the strong majority of people now the proud owner of a smartphone, iPad, laptop or some other electronic device. Regardless of whether the lockers are for your employees or members of the public, life is simpler, easier and cheaper if everyone knows that their belongings are in safe hands.

There are many security features that will provide you with peace of mind, but here are the three most important.

1. Locks Aren’t Accessible- . For example, unlike traditional mechanical lockers which can be picked there is no way for potential thieves to see or get at the lock of an electronic locker. The actual lock is ‘behind–the-scenes’, meaning valuables will be even harder to access.

2. Electronic lockers are keyless, eliminating the possibility of keys being lost or stolen and the user returning to an empty locker. Users are advised to remember their own combination code, read our previous article on how hard digital combinations are to crack. It is worth noting that in the case of emergency the boss can override this feature and gain access. 

3. RFID is portable, waterproof and almost impossible to clone. RFID technology provides increased security over traditional locks and is extremely hard to replicate as they are embedded with an anti-cloning technology. Our RFID pass-cards can be issued in many discreet shapes, from standard cards to bracelets and even watches, so that thieves will be oblivious to their significance.

Sperrin RFID Locker


If you do happen to misplace your RFID key card or bracelet it is worth remembering that cards and bracelets are cheap, easily replaced and considerably less hassle than having to go and get a new key cut.

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