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Digital Combination Locker Security

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How many combinations are there to a four digit pin, and is it worth having a longer one?

Digital combination lockers are an excellent storage solution and are commonly found in a wide variety of situations, but how secure are they?

Let’s look at an example situation where an employer gives his employees a unique 4 digit passcode for their own personal locker. Presuming they don’t tell anyone the code, they alone should have access (bar their employers ability to override the lock).

Sperrin Digital Combination Lock

But what if an employee is concerned about someone accessing their locker when they are not around? How likely is it that someone has guessed their pin code?

Let’s take a look at the potential combinations:

4 Digit code = 10,000 possible combinations

5 Digit code = 100,000 possible combinations

6 Digit code = 1,000,000 possible combinations

7 Digit code = 10,000,000 possible combinations

8 Digit code = 100,000,000 possible combinations

Of course longer codes are harder to remember, but we think a four digit pin is a solid compromise between security and practicality.

Hopefully this will settle any concerns expressed by employees. However, if you have any further questions about digital combination lockers, please call us for some free advice on +44 (0)28 7962 8362.

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