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What are Traka Electronic Lockers?

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What are Traka Electronic Lockers?

The Sperrin Traka is an Electronic Locker that comes complete with keypad, display unit and motherboard. A motherboard is a collection of chips and controllers that are found in computers. Having a motherboard in your electronic locker means that the locker can be controlled from a remote computer and operated in a more sophisticated manner than most electronic lockers.

How do I use a Traka Locker?

Sperrin's Traka Electronic Locker comes installed with a keypad for you to enter your passcode to identify yourself, the computer will recognise your unique passcode and confirm your identity to grant access to your designated locker.

The motherboard can also be configured so that the user can select which locker they wish to use. When this is the scenario, the computer will build a report on which lockers are occupied, by whom and for how long.

What are the benefits of Traka Electronic Lockers?

There are many advantages of having a motherboard in your locker and operating it from your computer.

  • The user can be allocated a passcode so they can be identified when they access the locker.
  • Every time a user accesses the locker the information can be stored in a database.
  • Traka lockers provide increased security by monitoring & storing all activity.
  • Control all lockers from a remote computer.
  • Know which lockers are occupied and by whom.

Where are Traka Electronic Lockers Used?

The Sperrin Traka Electronic Locker is ideal for many different situations. For example, when deploying Traka lockers into a school for students, the headmaster can issue students with a passcode to access the lockers. The principal will then have instant access to which student is using which locker and when that locker was last accessed.

If situations arise where the headmaster needs to access a student’s locker then he/she can do so by granting access from the connected computer. Likewise if the headmaster needs to shut down all lockers, this can also be done remotely from the connected computer.

Traka lockers are not limited to schools and are commonly deployed in workplaces, banks and government buildings where only permitted personnel have access to the contents of the lockers and even then their access must be monitored and controlled from a remote computer.

If you would like to further discuss the features of Sperrin Traka Lockers then please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)28 7962 8362.

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