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RFID Locking System

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RFID Locking System

RFID Locking System

RFID Locking System

Radio Frequency Identification RFID uses radio frequency to transfer data. Once the data has been transferred and accepted the locker will open.

Sperrin Electronic Lockers incorporate RFID technology into the locking mechanisms for maximum security, users are supplied with RFID ‘cards’ that are available in many discreet forms such as fobs and wrist bracelets that are then used to access the locker.

With Sperrin RFID Locking System no keys are required, this is a saving when compared to traditional locks that often require a locksmith to access the locker or cut duplicate keys on a regular basis, with RFID a new card can be easily programmed to access the lock by the administrator.

This however does not jeopardise the security of the locker as all our RFID cards come with an anti-cloning technology which is extremely difficult to replicate. So for example, if a user misplaces their card there is very little chance that another person will be able to replicate the card.

RFID locking systems are an excellent option of Electronic Locker, particularly for workplaces and are often incorporated in to many environments.

Features of Sperrin RFID Lockers

A complete guide to the capabilities of our RFID Electronic Lockers:

·         Max no of users per door 64,000

·         Max no of doors per system 64,000

·         Max events on lock audit 1,000

·         Key Card Available 1Kbyte and 4Kbytes

·         Key shape available ISO7810 cards, fobs, bracelets, stickers, watches...

·         Reusable Key cards

·         Family option - allow for multiple ID carriers to operate a single locker.

·         Fixed locker assignment where a speicific ID carrier operates a specific lock.

·         Water proof cards which can be customised.

To find out more or to discuss how Sperrin RFID locking system can benefit your situation. Call us today on +44 (0)28 7962 8362.