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Live Storage

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Live Storage Systems - Made in UK & Ireland

Carton Live Storage is the ideal solution for high volume order picking operations using a 'first in, first out' (FIFO) principle of stock rotation. It is designed for storing rigid boxes or trays that are loaded at one side of the shelf and roll forward as they are off-loaded from the picking face of the shelves.

Carton Live Storage also known as Roller Racking / Flow Rack is perfect for use in fast moving environments where stock on shelves can be replenished without interfering with the order picking operation. The system is also very flexible as the roller tracks and lane dividers are easily adjustable without the use of tools therefore the location of stock items can be changed and new product lines added with minimal disruption.

Please also note that 'roller racking' is also a term used to describe mobile shelving systems, such as those used to store archives in libraries. The key advantage of roller racking systems is that it eliminates the need for the aisles used in a conventional non-mobile shelving layout. The shelving units are mounted on rolling mobile bases that can be moved apart by low effort hand wheels at the end of each unit to create an access aisle. Roller racking can utilise a small space to create a high-density storage arrangement. Find out more about roller racking or mobile shelving here. Find out more about mobile shelving here.

Additional Uses of Live Storage Racking

As well as order picking operations, Carton Live Racking can also be used for feeding component parts to production lines or cells. The system can be supplied with its own free standing upright frames or the shelves can be mounted on pallet racking uprights with palletised back-up stock stored on beam levels above the Carton Live Storage.

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