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Mobile Shelving

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Mobile Shelving Systems - Made in UK & Ireland

Sperrin's mobile shelving system is a cost effective and virtually maintenance free way of creating

extra space by reducing aisles between shelving units. The mobile shelving system is ideal for

density storage. By eliminating the unneccesary aisles between shelving bays - effective storage space

is increased by up to 80%. The mobile shelving unit is excellent for any office environment as it has

safety anti-tip devices, is lightweight and is mechanically operated for practically any storage



Mobile shelving works by setting the units on floor carriages or tracks. The cabinets can be accessed by

rolling the units aside to create a single aisle at one entry point. The units are operated by handwheels

at the end of each bay. The handwheels are highly geared allowing the user to move bays with minimal

effort. Once in place the bays can be locked at the touch of a button on the handwheel, allowing the

user to access the cabinets in the aisle safely.


Sperrin Metal can design, manufacture and install your mobile shelving so that it's absolutely the best

option for the space you have available. With options of roll-out filing frames, media drawers and

reference shelves, file and content retrieval is quick and simple to use. We can also powder paint coat

the shelving system to your desired colour. You may want different colours for each section, or simply

have the whole mobile shelving system colour match your decor. See more mobile shelving features


Mobile Shelving Features

  • Lockable system offering added protection & security

  • Safety anti-tip devices
  • Modular design for easy relocation, addition & alteration
  • Choice of colours available
  • Projects designed specifically to solve your storage problems

Accessories Available:

  • Lockable Tambour Doors
  • Pull Out Shelves
  • Shelf Dividers
  • Lateral File Cradles
  • Lockable Mobile Bases for Added Protection and Security

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