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Mobile Shelving Accessories

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Mobile Shelving Accessories

We manufacture mobile shelving systems, so can design, colour and install them to meet your needs and make the most efficient use of your space. We also provide a range of accessories for mobile shelving and many other types of storage systems. See below for examples of the mobile shelving accessories that we provide.

  • Lockable Tambour Doors
  • Pull out Shelves
  • Shelf Dividers
  • Lateral File Cradles
  • Lockable Mobile Bases for Added Protection and Security

We hope you find this useful. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us directly by phoning +44 (0)28 7962 8362 or by filling in a brief contact form.

We design and manufacture a full range of storage systems in the UK and Ireland. We supply and install internationally. Contact us to find out more.