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Why Choose Mobile Shelving

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5 Reasons for Choosing Mobile Shelving Systems

1. Mobile shelving is incredibly space efficient. Generally, if a storage space requires three rows of back to back shelving it also requires four aisles between to allow access. Mobile shelving only needs one access aisle.

This multiplies the amount of space available for shelving (as demonstrated in the graphic below).

Mobile Shelving UK & Ireland | Sperrin Metal Storage Solutions 

2. Mobile shelving has a modular design, making it easy to alter, add to and relocate.

3. Mobile shelving systems have built in anti-tip devices, so you never need to worry about shelving falling over.

4. Mobile shelving in any colour. Since we manufacture Mobile Shelving in house, we can provide the mobile shelving system in your choice of colours.

5. We can provide lockable mobile shelving systems, offering added protection and security.

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We manufacture Mobile Shelving, and many other types of storage systems, to meet your needs and maximise your space within your budget. We supply and install internationally. Contact us to find out more.