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Bespoke Racking

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Bespoke Racking

Bespoke Racking

With experience gained from nearly 50 years in manufacturing storage systems, Sperrin have a solution for every storage requirement.

In addition to regular Pallet Racking and Drive-in systems, we also offer storage solutions for more specialist areas. We have developed Specialist Pallet Racking for the following products:

Sperrin Metal caters bespoke pallet racking for every business need. If you have a specific requirement for your racking design, then contact us today for a consultation so that we can better understand your needs and tailor the pallet racking design to your needs. We have the advantage of having our own powder coating plant which enables us to produce pallet racking in the colours of your choice.

To find out more, and get a free quote, call+44 (0)28 7962 8362.


Almasy has been dealing with Sperrin Metal for over 20 years and is active in the Belgium market. We purchased and installed a lot of Sperrin products and we're very charmed by the quality of the product (especially the welded frames), the flexibility of the service and the kindness of the Sperrin people. Those skills are very important in the huge competitive market we're operating in.

Frederik Pollet

Managing Director,

frederik pollet