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Maximum Height Of Pallet Racking?

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Maximum Height For Pallet Racking?

Maximising warehouse space to ensure that the best return on investment is being made from every metre, is the ultimate goal of every warehouse manager. However, safety and cost-efficient material handling are two further considerations which also need to be reflected in the design of warehouse pallet racking.

In this article, we aim to give you as much information as possible about the maximum pallet racking height, however, your individual circumstances will determine your final actual requirements.

Example of High Stacked Pallets

In theory, you can take your pallet racking right up to the roof space of your building. In practice, this might not be the ideal solution for your business. Things to consider include:

1.       Most warehouses have a considerable amount of space between floor and ceiling and it is tempting to think that the whole space can be filled with pallet racking. In practice lighting fittings, fire safety products such as sprinklers, heating elements and CCTV monitors may need to be located into the ceiling. The clearance that these items require needs to be considered at the warehouse racking planning stage.

2.       Another limitation on pallet racking height will be the reach of your access equipment. If you have forklifts already, and are reluctant to invest in further equipment, this may be the main limiting factor in the possible height of your pallet racking. Generally, the higher you want to access, the more you will pay for access equipment, so it is worth bearing in mind at the planning stage.

Standard Forklifts reach to between 3 and 4.5 metres. Some can reach to over 10 metres. It may be that a cherry picker, scissor lift or telescopic truck lift may be more suitable for the height of your warehouse.

3.       The size and shape of your stock will also have an impact on the height at which it can be stored. Products that need frequent access are often better stored lower down and the same goes for non-standard shaped items. It can take extra time to access stock on very high shelves, either because the correct equipment has to be put in place or simply because the extra height of the pallet racking means that it takes extra seconds to bring the pallet to floor level.

4.       Floor loadings and the combined weight of individual pallets can have an impact on the height to which pallet racking may be built.

Sperrin Metal have years of experience in building pallet racking to customer requirements. We take all your requirements into account and know the right questions to ask to ensure we recommend the right system for your products and your building.

And just to let you know – we can build safe pallet racking as high as you want to go!

If you have any questions about the installing pallet racking into your warehouse or other space, please call +44 (0)28 7962 8362 for expert advice and a free quote.

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