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Maximum Weight For Pallet Racking

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What is the Most Weight Pallet Racking Can Hold?

One of our frequently asked questions is “How much weight can pallet racking hold?”

One Pallet Rack Pair can hold 7 Mini Coopers.

In truth, pallet racking can be designed to hold whatever weight you need it to hold. The considerations which impact the weight bearing capacity of any given warehouse storage system are as follows:

1.       The Bay Clear Entry

2.       The Racking Beam

3.       Beam Depth

4.       Beam Face

5.       Racking Frame Sizes

6.       System Vertical Beam Pitch

7.       Frame Section (the verticals)

8.       Size of Pallet Used

9.       Fully Loaded Pallet Weight

10.   Racking Type

11.   Floor Loading

Existing Pallet Racking

Pallet racking that is already in place can be reinforced, where appropriate, to take extra weight. If you would like an inspection of your current racking to evaluate the maximum weight it can take, please call us.

If your racking has been reconfigured, it may be unclear as to what the load capacity actually is. An inspection can help in accurately identifying the load capacities in different parts of the racking system.

New Pallet Racking

When we are designing new pallet racking for our clients, the loading or weight it can take is designed into the system right from the beginning.


It is a crucial safety point that warehouse racking should not be overloaded. A fall or collapse could result in loss of life as well as damaged stock. If in doubt, please give us a call for expert advice.

Putting Weight Into Context

Our Adjustable Pallet Racking is our most widely used system of pallet storage and on that, we’re able to store up to 7200kg per pair of beams. That’s almost 8 tonnes of support. To put that into context, the average car weights between 1 and 3 tonnes. So, one pair of beams could support over 7 Mini Coopers!

Sperrin Metal are a leading pallet manufacturer and supplier with manufacturing facilities in Draperstown and Tobermore in Northern Ireland and Bury St Edmunds, England.

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