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Pallet Racking Information

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Pallet Racking Information UK & Ireland

Pallet Racking Information

Pallet Racking Information

Please click the links below to download our printable pallet racking installation guidelines and pallet racking operation and maintenance notes.

Pallet Racking Installation Guidelines

Pallet Racking Operation and Maintenance


Here are some useful links with information that may be helpful when considering your pallet racking needs.

What you need to know before ordering pallet racking

Why buy new pallet racking?

Pallet racking mistakes to avoid

Making alterations to pallet racking

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You can also read some of our pallet racking client testimonials here - Testimonials and feel free to check out our FAQs.




Sperrin Metals deployed their team to follow the Chain Reaction Cycles team as the program was undertaken. We decanted, you dismantled, you erected, we slotted and our business continued without interruption during the process. This of course was all completed during our busiest time of the year Dec. Your team, led by Robert was a credit, not only to themselves in how they undertook the tasks, but also, how they blended into the Chain Reaction Cycles ways of working at Kilbride.

Ken Clarke

Operations Projects Manager,
Chain Reaction Cycles