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DOE Library Shelving

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Library Shelving

DOE Library Shelving

Sperrin Metal are a leading supplier of customised library shelving, which means we can meet your specific individual requirements, be they related to colour, finish, strength or design.  We have a range specific to the Department of Education specification for Library shelving and our product has been tested to BS EN 14073-2:2004.


We offer customers a choice of end panels finishes such as painted or coloured melamine, wood veneer with horizontal slats to accommodate clear PVC display fittings and also various sizes and colours.  In addition to your specification we can offer you a variety of accessories such as:

·        Book Supports

·        Labelling Systems

·        Display Panels / Stands

·        End Panels

·        Ancillary Furniture

  • Strength
  • Tailor Made to Specific Requirements
  • Durability
  • Customisation Ensures Continuity of Product Line
  • Attractive Design
  • Free Standing, Mobile or Wall Mounted Units
  • Epoxy Polyester Powder Painted Finish
  • Easy Location of Books/Publications
  • Wide Range of Accessories
  • Attractive Displays
  • Variety of Colours


I have purchased shelving, racking and mezzanine flooring from Sperrin Metal Products and can advise anyone considering dealing with this company that they can expect reliable professional advise, a highly efficient service and superior quality products. I highly recommend purchasing from this company.

Gerald O'Hare


gerald o'hare